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For the system of limited capacity to act.
When a sales contract and other mental disabilities or minor, or the consequences will be what it is, there is not enough to judge it. Is set out there to protect them, the system of limited capacity to act.
For gesture.
Lies in the gesture of myth and a joke, what do I do when I have been. Or, when and if Odokasa.
About acting.
Principal and agent, and other party agents, and the other party or legal person, the difference between legal representative and any representative. And what sensible name. The agency is recognized when the recovery or any other party acting is what I can do no right. Apparent such.
For prescription.
Purpose of the system and aging. Prescription requirements, how to calculate the occupation, I advanced from time laches, or interruption of prescription as to how.
And ownership or any rights, and how to get up? Relations and the neighbors. Rights of way and do nothing.
For a mortgage.
Collateral or other real rights of the difference? For infringement of the mortgagee or mortgage can take any measures. When more than one person in the mortgagee, or you can sell or modify the order, the protection of third party acquirer of real estate or mortgage to look like?
What is nature of what.
For Seller's Warranty.
Warranty for defects of the right and responsibility for defective goods as collateral.
For guaranteed.
Nature of the guarantee obligation, a description of a condition. Guarantors to organize people and guarantee the principal debtor on the effects of creditors. What impact do guarantee principal debtor arising grounds. Conversely, reasons arising guarantor or affect the principal debtor.
What type of contract you have any contract between How Does the occurrence of the effect of a consent or application and when, and how can such withdrawal.
For relatives.
And relatives, and kinship, and spouses, in-laws and what is, and the lineal and collateral, and lineal descendant, such as anything.
About inheritance.
Heirs, and legal in inheritance, and disclaims any authorization. Legacy, wills, and what is legally reserved portion.
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